J.K. Simmons Set To Film As Gordon For “Batgirl!”

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J.K. Simmons is returning to his Justice League role of Commissioner James Gordon, but it’s not for a Ben Affleck Batman project.

J.K. is back as Jim! But isn’t he also in the MCU?

The actor recently tweeted that he would soon be filming scenes for the upcoming Batgirl project due for release on HBO Max, starring Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon. Brendan Fraser is also attached as Garfield Lynns, aka Firelfy. Fraser, of course, plays Robotman on Doom Patrol. 

This means that Simmons will be double dipping in both Marvel and DC camps, as he returns as J. Jonah Jameson in next month’s Spider-Man: No Way Home. He originally portrayed the gruff, narrow-minded publisher in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy starring Tobey Maguire. Then he cameoed to everyone’s surprise in the post-credit scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home. This is after Sony finally agreed to share the rights to Spidey with the MCU.

Regarding Jim Gordon, J.K. originally played Batman’s staunch ally in 2016’s Justice League, both in Zack Snyder’s original cut and Joss Whedon’s heavily-reshot box office bomb. The fact that he is returning to that role renews fans’ hopes that Ben Affleck’s days as The Dark Knight are far from over after The Flash. In fact, given the Scarlet Speedster’s film debut also brings audiences into the DC Multiverse where every version is canon, it’s anything goes as to which Batman or Jim Gordon you root for.

Not much is known yet about the plot, but it does follow Jim Gordon’s daughter, inspired by his secret partner’s crusade, stepping into the guise of Batgirl to join the effort to save Gotham City from the cancerous grip of crime.

Please click the link below to view J.K.’s video on his twitter feed.

(4) Batgirl Film News 🦇 on Twitter: “UPDATE: J. K. Simmons is going to shoot his Jim Gordon scenes for #Batgirl in January. 🦇 (via @joshuahorowitz) https://t.co/gMiGctLZFq” / Twitter

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