Review: Wonder Girl #5
[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer:  Joelle Jones
Art: Adriana Melo
Colors: Jordie Bellaire
Letters: Pat Brosseau

Reviewed by: Matthew B. Lloyd


Hera’s plan is revealed and Yara must make a fateful decision.  But, Yara be able to survive Hera’s wrath?  Meanwhile back on Earth, it’s a gathering of Wonder Girls!


Yara Flor finally learns what Hera’s plot has been.  While she doesn’t fall into Hera’s trap, she’s at least reaped the benefits of her training.  There’s a lot Yara still has to learn that is suggested in Hera’s dialogue, so the mystery isn’t over just yet.  Back on Earth Cassie does get a first look at the home of Yara’s tribe- the Esquecida.  This is what we’ve been waiting for.  Jones keeps us on the hook though as we don’t get much more than a cursory introduction as Potira leads her around only to reveal the first (second if you count a teenage Diana) Wonder Girl.  It seems only fitting for Donna to make an appearance here and she certainly lends credence to the notion that there’s more to the story to tell.

This issue is drawn entirely by Adriana Melo. Like the last issue, there are a couple of montage pages that are just brilliant.  Combined with some dramatic color choices by Jordie Bellaire, these pages are absolutely brilliant and inspiring.  And, it’s not simply the design work, but how the colors seem to match the mood of the pages.  They work on a different level and could easily be reproduced for framed prints.  Interestingly, as Melo works alone on this issue, she seems to do a few homage images to Jones’ drawing style in the Yara Flor sections.  The two have been sharing art chores on the title and it’s a subtle acknowledgment that works.


It’s no secret that Wonder Girl has been one of the titles that have been delayed due to circumstances beyond the control of the creators.  With Wonder Girl #5 it seems like these delays have finally impacted the story.  It feels like Yara’s journey has been rushed along.  With “The Trial of the Amazons” looming one has to believe all of the Wonder Woman family of titles will be “all on hands on deck.”  Potira’s announcement that her tribe will have to “march on Themiscyra in this issue indicates that Wonder Girl will be a part of the events.  While there’s been no announcement for sure, it just feels like Yara’s journey has been rushed along to catch up with the events so that it can tie in with the events which are looming closer as can be seen in this week’s Wonder Woman Annual 2021.  It feels like if we’d gotten a little more of Yara’s journey we would’ve also gotten more depth to the Esquecida and more of the Brazilian flavor that was so exciting in the first couple of issues of the title.


While seeming a little rushed, Wonder Girl #5 delivers some significant plot development. Along with some beautiful art by Adriana Melo, it’s a solid issue.  There’s just a feeling that there could be more, but it seems likely the creative team is doing the best it can in overcoming the delays that are beyond their control.

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