Review: Wonder Girl #6
[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Joelle Jones
Art: Leila Del Duca
Colors: Jordie Bellaire
Letters: Pat Brosseau

Reviewed by: Matthew B. Lloyd


Yara has to face the travails of Tartarus and the betrayal of Eros.  Meanwhile, Potira and the Esquecida prepare for their attack on Olympus to rescue Yara.


The plot really comes together in Wonder Girl #6 as we get insight on Eros’ role and what the Esquecida have been planning.  While don’t quite learn how they learned about Hera’s plot with Yara, things come together a bit more including what Donna Troy is doing there.  Like last issue, it’s great to have Donna make an appearance.  She’s criminally underused in the DC Universe.  Some former sidekicks and protegees have been able to attain a significant standing in the DCU (Dick Grayson, Wally West), but Donna has had a difficult time of it.  Donna is certainly deserving of a similar stature.

Jerry lives!  I think we knew that, but it was an enjoyable reunion for the two.  There’s a bit of personality coming through with Jerry that is quite effective.  One doesn’t always think of animals as emotive, but it really works here.  Yara gets to use her bola for the first time and it’s a unique weapon.  There’s a lot of potential with it for Yara.  There are also glimpses that leave the reader wanting more.  The idea that Yara is in love with Eros is a little startling.  While we know it certainly seems like manipulation, it’s hard not to think of Joao who we haven’t seen since issue #3.  Additionally, how did the Esquecida figure out Hera’s plot?  How did the Amazons of Themiscyra and Bana-Mighdall figure out that Yara was a danger?

While neither Joelle Jones or Adriana Melo are on art chores this issue, Leila del Duca does a wonderful job.  He style seems to be somewhere between Jones and Melo and it fits perfectly for the series.  The opening sequence shows what she can do with effective use of facial expressions, interesting and realistic posing of Yara falling and a sense of drama in her blocking.  It’s not often a series gets multiple artists whose styles compliment one another so well.


There’s seems to be a lot left on the table in the cracks of Wonder Girl #6.  It feels like there’s been a couple of jumps with the series so far which have caused things to move along unexpectedly.  While it’s a frequent complaint of modern comics that the storytelling is decompressed, Wonder Girl feels like it could benefit from some more space to let some of the plot elements breath.  This issue in particular would’ve benefited from more character work with Yara so that we get a better sense of what she’s going through especially her emotions.  Plus, have we completely left behind the Brazilian folklore elements?


Wonder Girl #6 is a good issue with the plot elements coalescing , but it still feels like the story is rushing along too quickly.  There’s a lot of unrealized potential with Yara’s story that appears will be lost in the shuffle of the upcoming “Trial of the Amazons.” Yara has to be ready to participate in that, but at the expense, perhaps of her inaugural story arc.

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