The CW For Sale? WarnerMedia and ViacomCBS Considering The Option

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The CW might be up for grabs by the highest bidder.

The network, co-owned by WarnerMedia and ViacomCBS Inc., could have a new boss as the companies are “exploring a possible sale.” Sources report that, if it is a go, they must decide whether the objective is handing over full control or “a significant stake.” Further, a possible contender for either capacity is Nexstar Media Group Inc, whose portfolio includes partial ownership of The Food Network and The Hill.

The CW As a Whole – Where It Came From And What It Could Be Facing

While too little is known at this point, the same source indicates discussions are “far along,” and leaning to the stake option for Nexstar, but still too easy to tip.

The CW began as a merger between The WB and UPN networks in the early 2000s. Audiences remember both networks for such hit shows as SmallvilleOne Tree Hill, Dawson’s Creek, America’s Next Top ModelGirlfriendsSupernaturalVeronica Mars, and more. UPN was even a home for Buffy The Vampire Slayer after it ended its stay on The WB. Since the merger, one of the biggest outputs was 2012’s Arrow, which then led to the superhero spinoffs that formed the shared continuity affectionately known as the “Arrowverse.” Another notable franchise is The Vampire Diaries, which was then succeeded by spinoff The Originals and its progeny Legacies.

Given that this story broke from The Wall Street Journal, there is much validity to these ongoing discussions. More importantly, there are no deadlines as of yet. It does raise questions as to the future of The CW as a whole. How will this new ownership or stake affect the quality of the network’s programming? For Arrowverse fans, will their favorite shows be in danger of cancellation? Expanded? As Superman & Lois begins its second season, followed by the debut of Naomi, could either of them be seen in a different light by a new authority? It has been known to happen in the past for other shows and other networks to the detriment of fan bases.

In the end, all we can do is wait and see. That’s showbiz, folks.

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