DC Movie Trailer Unveils First Look At JSA and more!

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DC movie fans have something to look forward to this year in theaters.

Warners media recently unveiled a 1-minute teaser entitled “DC: The World Needs Heroes.” This one-minute reel showcases upcoming films like The Batman, Black Adam, and The Flash.

DC Showcases Its Line of Movies – Why Click on The Link?

Those awaiting Black Adam not only see Dwayne Johnson in the full suit and origin. They also get their first look at The JSA – Doctor Fate, Hawkman, Cyclone, and Atom Smasher – in action. This is very symbolic for DC as this will be the first time their first super team has had a live-action treatment in a feature film.  They have appeared on tv shows Smallville previously and in episodes of the current HBO Max and CW series, Stargirl.

Andy Muschietti’s The Flash provided fans with a better look at Barry Allen’s new suit. Gone is the wired-together armor plating and in its place is a sleek, form-fitting textured suit with glowing lightning patterns. Bruce Wayne also threw in some of his own style by providing Barry with retractable yellow lenses.

And finally, Aquaman fans get to see Jason Momoa in his new dark blue/black stealth suit and him seated on his throne in Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom.  However, the teaser does not reveal release dates, although The Flash and The Batman are confirmed for November 4th and March 4th, respectively. Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom will debut December 16th.

Click below to check this amazing teaser.

Official Source – Doctor Fate, Hawkman & Justice Society First Look In DC Movie Trailer (screenrant.com)

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