Review: Robins #4

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Robins #4

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers:  Tim Seeley

Colors: Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letters: Steve Wands

Artist: Baldemar Rivas

Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


Robins #4 – The Robins are splintered after the events in the graveyard. On their own and on the hunt for the distributor of the SKP Tech, the former sidekicks are on the warpath, tearing through Gotham and Blüdhaven following any and all leads.

But while the Robins descend on the criminal underworld, where has Tim Drake disappeared to?


Issue #4 arguably takes us down a rabbit hole.  At this stage of the mini-series, I am not sure that Jenny Wrenn is in fact the original Robin, nor was she ever a Robin.  I think we have what will eventually stack up as a copy-cat from afar that wanted to be a major player…someone passed over in some case long gone by, and now is exacting revenge on Batman by tormenting Robins gone by.

In this issue, Jenny Wren has kidnapped Tim and hacked into the Batcomputer and has sent all the former Robins  after Anarky and an array of other villains.  Her game is all about revenge but we lack a motive thus far.  Or one that is plausible.

Tim Seeley has been doing a great job of planting a seed here and there about Jenny.  The prior installments were great history lessons that were part of both comic and cartoon lore, so it has been great to watch this play out.  Seeley did his homework!

Positives 2.0

Baldemar Rivas’ art is to be celebrated as it is hard to draw all of the male Robins..even with a costume change and make those characters really their own person.  Arguably a hair style here and there with dialogue bubbles can do it, but Rivas’ work is to be commended.

The sharp features and


No negative, but an observation that the detective work is highlighted in this issue rather than dramatic family issues.  No emotions but working the case.  This arguably could have been a really darker comic in some ways, but Tim Seeley has kept it a bit lighter in some ways.  However, Jenny Wrenn could be our next Punchline…our next Harley…but a bit darker.


The Robins detective skills are paramount to this issue as Tim is in big trouble.  Again, is Jenny Wrenn whom she says she is?  Batman is always full of secrets…is this his biggest one?

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