Keanu Reeves Cast As Batman

by Lee White
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The release of The Batman has raised many discussions over Robert Pattinson’s portrayal.  We are reminded of the number of different iterations before him.  Some loved, some hated, and some just okay.  With the release of the new DC League of Super-Pets teaser trailer, we get a glimpse at the next Dark Knight.  Hollywood sweetheart Keanu Reeves will be the next to don the cowl, at least metaphorically anyway.  Keanu Reeves is next in line for Batman and will be voicing him in this upcoming animated movie.

Schedule Delays

The original release date of May 2021 was pushed back (in favor of Matrix Resurrections ironically) to May  2022.  However, with DC’s latest release schedule shift it has now been moved back to July 29th, 2022.  The League of Super-Pets will focus on the animals of the DCEU and stars big names such as Dwayne Johnson (voicing Krypto).  As the trailer shows we will still be seeing the iconic heroes such as Batman and Superman (voiced by Jon Krasinski) as they battle Lex Luthor (Marc Maron).  This family-friendly DC movie will be an introduction to some lesser-known characters from the DC universe.  The Super pets haven’t had much of an onscreen presence in recent times, the only one springing to mind is the Krypto cartoon from 2005.  This movie should really help bring them into the public eye and see their popularity skyrocket.

Reeves’ role will focus on the early days between Batman and Ace the Bat-hound (voiced by Kevin Hart).  It’s hard not to draw a connection when talking about Keanu and his love of dogs to John Wick.  Part of me really hopes this played a part in the casting process.  This seems ideal casting for the role; with Reeves having an immediately recognizable voice and will give another big name a shot at playing the iconic character.

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