Review: Superman & Lois 2×06 – “Tried and True”

by Steven Brown
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Review: Superman & Lois 2×06 – “Tried and True”


[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Director: Amy Jo Johnson

Writers: Max Kronick, Patrick Barton Leahy, Juliana James, Katie Aldrin, Jai Jamison, Andrew N. Wong, Adam Mallinger

Starring: Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch, Jordan Elsass, Alex Garfin, Erik Valdez, Dylan Walsh, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Jenna Dewan


Reviewed by: Steven Brown



In Superman & Lois 2×06, Superman finds out more about where Bizarro came from and how exactly he got to Earth. Lois and Lucy attempt to reconnect thanks to Sam Lane and Jordan finally finds out the truth about Johnathan and the X-Kryptonite.


We finally get to see how powerful Ally Alston really is in Bizarro’s world. It appears that she rules the planet like a despot, and Bizarro is completely unable to stop her there. We also get to see how Bizarro manages to come to Earth and the exact means he uses to get there. It seems that he and Superman should be joining forces at this point, but the two still can’t agree on exactly how to stop Ally for good.

Meanwhile, Lois and Lucy attempt to reconnect and forget about the past events involving Ally in their lives. Thanks to retired General Sam Lane, the three meet for Johnathan’s football game in Smallville. Things go well at first until the mere mention of Ally by Lois is enough to send the two back to arguing all over again. I know Lois wants to save her sister, but constantly bringing up her faults doesn’t seem the best way to go about it.


Elsewhere in Smallville, the fallout from Kyle’s infidelity continues. Confronting Lana, Kyle continues to beg for forgiveness from a hurt and distraught Lana. Lana, still confused and unsure about what to do, dismisses Kyle’s attempts and even goes to Clark for advice on what to do. Clark gives Lana the best advice he can, and Lana makes a strong and difficult choice.

Jordan finally finds out that Johnathan has been using X-Kryptonite to increase his performance on the football field. Confronting his brother, Johnathan lashes at Jordan until Sam Lane intervenes. The two have a talk later, and Johnathan promises to stop using the X-Kryptonite. However, I don’t think it’ll be as easy for him to quit as he thinks.

In an attempt to find out Bizarro’s whereabouts, General Anderson attempts to capture Superman on the charge of treason. I, in particular, hated this situation for Superman. Anderson has had an agenda against Superman from the very start of the season and has been wanting an excuse to go after him. Finally getting clearance from the pentagon, Anderson captures Superman and imprisons him using red sun lamps to keep him depowered.


Superman & Lois 2×06 was a great story that leaves you eager for the next installment. It’s amazing how much can go on in one episode and yet you don’t feel lost in it at all. In the next episode, Superman will be imprisoned next to his brother thanks to the actions of Anderson. I’m quite sure they’ll be an interesting conversation between those two.


5outof5 DC Comics News

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