Review: Nightwing #90

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Nightwing #90

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Geraldo Borges

Colors: Adriano Lucas

Letters: Wes Abbot

Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


“You okay? – Oracle

“Bit bruised.  Bit scorched.  And falsely accused of stealing a hearing aid.” – Nightwing

Nightwing #90 – “Get Grayson” Act Three

A Nightwing and Wally West story, part 1 of 2! When it’s easier to go buy bagels as Nightwing than as Dick Grayson because everyone is either trying to get him for his money or kill him for the price on his head, Nightwing realizes he’ll need to enlist the help of his Teen Titan friends as his bodyguards.

The first to volunteer is of course his best friend…Wally West, a.k.a. the Flash!


Tom Taylor delves into friendship in this issue and why not?  He has covered Dick’s relationship with Babs (Are we labeling this?), mentorship from Alfred, Bruce, and Dick’s own role with Jonathan Kent.  It was about time to explore friends outside of the Bat-Family and none is as important as Wally West of the Teen Titans.

Incidentally, do you see the label that Wes Abbot provides on the graphic below?  We know who runs the roost as Haley is listed first.  Haley grabs our hearts immediately as we have seen her in trouble in past issues, but blowing up her and Dick’s apartment?  Oh no!

This is the second issue in a row where all the action takes place as we find Dick springing out of bed to some awful chaos that has befallen him.  Turns out Dick Grayson’s identity is causing him more grief than his superheroic Nightwing persona.

There’s also a bit of foreshadowing here in that we see Dick take a large piece of rock to the head.  Did you wince or hold your breath as the last time he was hit in the head, we went down that entire “Ric Grayson” episode.  Sigh…the end of this issue will do it again… but no spoilers, Wally’s on it!


None… Taylor starts with Haley, dashes in some Oracle and Dick’s sister, Melinda Zucco, and then provides us Wally doing what Wally does best.  If this book isn’t on your pull list yet… why not?


The art team is brilliant.  One minute you’re loving the innocence of Haley… the next you’re wondering why your hair product isn’t working as well as Dick Grayson’s.  I love Dick’s multiple action poses in one photo as you’re transported into the action.  Again, this should be your pull list favorite so drink in every issue as Taylor,  regular artist Bruno Redondo, and this month’s amazing guest, Geraldo Borges, take you on the best ride that’s currently being produced in comics!


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