Review: Superman & Lois 2×04 – “The Inverse Method”

by Steven Brown
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Review: Superman & Lois 2×04 – “The Inverse Method

[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Director: Melissa Hickey

Writers: Jai Jamison, Andrew N. Wong, Juliana James, Katie Aldrin, Adam Mallinger

Starring: Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch, Jordan Elsass, Alex Garfin, Sofia Hasmik, Rya Kihlstedt

Reviewed by: Steven Brown


Lois’s attempt at confronting her sister Lucy goes awry, meanwhile, Superman’s relationship with Lt. Anderson, the new head of the D.O.D. continues to be strained.


Superman & Lois 2×04 finds us finally have Lois confront Lucy about the situation with Ally Alston and her article. Agreeing to meet at the local Smallville diner, Lois is already waiting. Expecting Lucy, it’s Ally Alston that shows up instead. Telling Lois that everything with Lucy is entirely her fault, Lois replies that Ally is nothing more than a crazed cult leader that she will stop. Suddenly men in the cafe stand up around Lois–these weren’t patrons, but rather devoted members of Ally’s society. It seems that Ally has a strong following behind her, and that makes her extremely dangerous.

Lana’s run for mayor seems to hit some difficulties when she finds out that Mayor Dean has been secretly digging into her family’s past issues. Kyle is angered at the notion of Dean’s attempt–saying they should fight fire with fire. However, I have to commend Lana for taking the high road and not giving in. Instead, thanks to her daughter Sarah, she finds a creative and more positive way to reach the people of Smallville about the issues of the town and not gossip. Although this worked for this particular episode, I don’t think Dean’s attacks and attempts will stop there. Hopefully, Lana won’t let politics ruin her ideals and beliefs just for the sake of the election.


I really hated that Chrissy volunteered herself to go undercover at one of Ally’s events. At first, she seems to fit in with virtually no problems, until suddenly Ally recognizes her. It seems that Chrissy may find more answers than she may be looking for, and I think her relationship with Lois will be changed because of it. Ally has a way of twisting people’s connections to suit her own ideas–and I think she’ll use that against Lois and her family.

The relationship between Superman and Anderson remains strained, although Superman still gives Anderson a way to track Bizarro. Still distrusting the man of steel, Anderson accepts but refuses to acknowledge Superman for help when the time comes. Superman warns Anderson not to go after Bizarro, but I doubt that Anderson will listen to Superman’s advice.


Superman & Lois 2×04 was a great overall episode that has plenty of action, but yet doesn’t feel like a complete overload. I still think that something’s definitely wrong with Ally Alston, and I really think she may be connected to the behemoth aka Bizarro in some way.

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