Kamandi Takes Center Stage In New Images from DC Showcase – Constantine: The House of Mystery

by Joshua Raynor
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One of Jack Kirby’s most beloved characters comes to full-fledge animated life in Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth!, one of the four shorts comprising  DC SHOWCASE – CONSTANTINE: THE HOUSE OF MYSTERY, the third compilation of Warner Bros. Animation’s DC-centric shorts.

Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, DC and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, DC SHOWCASE – CONSTANTINE: THE HOUSE OF MYSTERY – which also includes the shorts Blue BeetleThe Losers and the title subject Constantine: The House of Mystery – will be available everywhere on Blu-ray and in 4K on Digital starting May 3, 2022.

Directed by Matt Peters (Justice League Dark: Apokolips War) from a script written by Paul Giacoppo (Young Justice, Star Wars: Resistance), Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth! was initially released as a bonus feature on Justice Society: World War II in Spring 2021. Jack Kirby’s beloved DC comic creation features the last civilized teenage boy on a post-apocalyptic Earth ruled by talking animals. In this short, Kamandi and his friends Prince Tuftan of the Tiger Kingdom and humanoid mutant Ben Boxer are kidnapped by a gorilla cult dedicated to finding the reincarnation of their god, The Mighty One. Golgan, the cult’s leader, puts Kamandi’s team through a series of deadly tests to find out if any of them know the secret of The Mighty One.

We have four brand new images from the film to share with fans. And be sure to check out our review of the film. Enjoy!


Kamandi and a few of the humanoid rats get snapped up in a netting trap set by the ape clan in Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth!  Cameron Monaghan (Gotham, Shameless, Reign of the Supermen) provides the voice of Kamandi.


After skillfully subduing the beast, Kamandi goes on the attack atop Klik-Klak in Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth!. Cameron Monaghan (Gotham, Shameless) provides the voice of Kamandi


Kamandi is relieved to discover another familiar face – humanoid mutant Ben Boxer – as he and Tuftan attempt to find an escape from the clutches of the ape clan. Cameron Monaghan (Gotham, Shameless, Reign of the Supermen) gives voice to Kamandi, while Tuftan is voiced by Steve Blum (Star Wars: Rebels, Cowboy Bebop, Naruto franchise) and Armen Taylor (Justice Society: World War II) provides the voice of Ben Boxer.


Ape clan leader Golgan puts Kamandi and his pals through a battery of physical tests as he attempts to ascertain who will be most fit to find the cult’s departed god, The Mighty One. Goldan is voiced by Steve Blum (Star Wars: Rebels, Cowboy Bebop, Naruto franchise).


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