Gotham Knights CW Series Trailer Released

by Brad Filicky
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The Gotham Knights trailer has been released!

This one’s not for the video game, but for the upcoming CW series. So far the reception of the the trailer has been extremely mixed, to say the least.

The characters aren’t familiar to most people, and we even have a brand new one in the form of Oscar Morgan as Turner Hayes, Bruce Wayne’s adopted son. This is a character that has never appeared in the comics.

Navia Robinson has been cast as Carrie Kelley, a Robin who was introduced by Frank Miller in The Dark Knight Returns. We also have Olivia Rose Keegan as Duela Dent;  a character who has appeared many times over the last few decades. She also goes by the alias of “The Joker’s Daughter”.

Anna Lore has been cast as Stephanie Brown, AKA Spoiler. This is a chaacter who has been the on-off girlfriend to Tim Drake the third Robin. She was also Robin herself, for a short time.

Fallon Smythe will appear as Harper Row, and Tyler DiChiara as her brother, Cullen. These are characters who were introduced by Scott Snyder during his critically acclaimed New 52 run on Batman.

As you can See, none of these characters have any familiarity with most potential viewers. The show will debut in 2023, so we have a while to wait to see just how good or bad it is. The negative reaction to the trailer hasn’t gone unnoticed., though, as the Twitter account for the Gotham Knights video game Tweeted to fans to  make it clear that the show and the video game are separate projects with no connection to one another.

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