Image Comics Review: Gunslinger Spawn #9

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Gunslinger Spawn #9

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Todd McFarlane

Artists:  Brett Booth

Letters: Tom Orzechowski

Colors:   Ivan Nunes

Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


“I could have killed you just now?  Why…?  Because I showed you my breast?  That’s all it takes!  You men are so pathetic at times!She-Spawn to Gunslinger Spawn 

Gunslinger Spawn #9- Gunslinger is on the hunt for someone from his past. A person dear to his heart—but also a person who wants him DEAD!

The beginning of The Scorched is explored further as Gunslinger Spawn and She-Spawn finally meet with Spawn.


Brett Booth continues to make hearts flutter over every character he draws.  His renderings of She-Spawn and Gunslinger Spawn are perfect.  He definitely knows how to tap into the smoldering chemistry of two hot superheroes/anti-heroes/protoplasmic perfect creatures.

I have often commentated in the past how one cannot see where McFarlane’s pencils and Booth’s art begins and ends.  Both are perfect in this medium and this book has raised both of their games higher.  As an issued challenge, I would love for both to alternate, take turns, or Easter Egg the heck out of an issue to see if one can identify each of their art.   

Positives 2.0

McFarlane is pouring his all into this book.  He has handed the reins of his books to other authors, but it is clear that the Toddfather is having so much fun in this new playground, this has become his favorite toy.  Move over Woody…this is McFarlane’s Buzz Lightyear.

He is dripping out Javi’s history, but we clearly see that McFarlane is a very bloody and graphic romance novelist.  Spawn’s story began with Al making a deal with the Devil to see Wanda again.  We see Javi’s story intersecting in the same direction.  Again, McFarlane is no Harlequin romance novelist, but he has his finger on the pulse of what his fans want…blood, violence, and smoldering looks!


That power meter is at 1:1:3:5.  javi’s meter is so slow in filling up.  He is our everyone person Spawn as he is not as all powerful.  This book is like the old Spawn video game in that you had to watch that meter closely.  Javi is so much more measured in how he uses his powers…not a negative at all, but just an observation.


Read the First Issue of Gunslinger Spawn Online. Issue #9 sharpens the storyline between The Scorched and Gunslinger Spawn.  It also provides us some context as to Javi’s past and his motivation – LOVE.  McFarlane is trickling out this story and why not…this has to be one of the best selling books out there right now.  Booth’s pencils are on fire…can he draw more comics please?  I cannot imagine someone not having this diamond on their shelf!


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