Six Flags Welcomes Record-Breaking Wonder Woman Ride!

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Six Flags Magic Mountain has added Amazon strength to its rides.

The theme park has brought Princess Diana’s essence of adventure and excitement to its latest rollercoaster endeavor entitled “Wonder Woman Flight of Courage.” It joins its predecessors “Batman: The Ride,” and “Jersey Devil Coaster,” the latter debuting the month before in Six Flags New Jersey. Given its additional 30 feet of track and one foot taller than “Jersey Devil Coaster,” “Flight of Courage” is the new title holder of the tallest single-rail coaster in the world. This is the theme park’s 20th rollercoaster to date, which is also a record setter as well. It is located in the six-acre DC Universe area, alongside Diana’s superhero brethren. Besides Wonder Woman and Batman, DC Universe houses rides such as “The Flash: Vertical Velocity,” “Aquaman Splashdown,” and “DC Super-Villains Swing.”

With 3,300 feet of track, the design of this ride is influenced by Greek architecture that stands at 131 feet. And, of course, painted in trademark Wonder Woman colors. This immersive experience takes guests for a steep climb, then endure an 87-degree drop with three inversions. The calculated speed the rollercoaster travels is approximately 58 mph.

It’s not just superhero-themed amusement rides in the process of expansion. DC Universe is currently undergoing the same process to provide an “innovative restaurant and bar experience,” according to the park.

Click below to watch a POV experience of the ride provided by the YouTube group, CoasterForce.

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