Director Soto: “Warner Bros. Has Our Backs.”

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Director Angel Manuel Soto claims Warner Bros. believes in Blue Beetle whole-heartedly.

In light of the sweeping changes DC projects have faced – the cancellation of the Batgirl and Wonder Twins films chief among them – by Warner-Discovery since the merger, this is welcome news for Beetle fans. Contradictory to the callous hack-and-slash of DC films as of late, CEO David Zazslav’s attitude seems healthy towards Blue Beetle.

Although admitting to initial trepidation, Soto added, “[Executives] told me not to worry, the film has their full [support.” Soto’s previous director credits include The Farm and Charm City Kings, as well as documentaries Menudo: Forever Young and Bashir’s Dream. This would be Solo’s first superhero film. He is also attached to an unknown Transformers project.

Director’s Fears Abated and Mariduena’s Passion For the Project – Who is Blue Beetle?

As to the film’s star, Cobra Kai actor Xolo Mariduena cannot help but express the exhilaration at the potential his role has for his career. “This is really gonna be a stepping stone in my [life. I’ve] gotten the chance to build chemistry with these people over the years on Cobra Kai. To try to recreate that chemistry in a much shorter amount of time is gonna be difficult, but all of these guys are professionals. I know that I’m in the hands of people who are the best at what they do. The opportunity at Cobra Kai has really blessed me; I can do stunts, we can do crazy stuff. Adding this new level of green screen and suits and CGI and all of this will add a whole new crazy level to it that I’m so excited for.” Mariduenas casting was also the result of a strong fancasting movement, and on-set photos of him in the practical Blue Beetle suit has set social media ablaze. The film also stars Susan Sarandon, George Lopez, Damien Alcazar, Adrianna Baraza, and Harvey Guillen.

Although there is little known about the plot of the film, it is confirmed that the hero’s debut falls on the shoulders of the third Beetle, teenage Jaime Reyes. Created by Keith Giffen, Cully Hamner and John Rogers, Reyes appeared in the early 2000’s in events surrounding the DC event Infinite Crisis. Unlike predecessors Dan Garrett and Ted Kord, the Egyptian scarab – in reality a technorganic extraterrestrial symbiotic life form – allowed Jaime to access its full range of abilities, along with a grown suit of armor and metamorphic weaponry. Eventually, the scarab was revealed to be a member of a conquering race known as The Reach, and rebelled against its own kind in favor of Jaime and Earth. Since his debut, Jaime has been in two separate animated series and a playable role in Injustice 2.

Blue Beetle is exepected to land in theaters August 13, 2023.

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