Review: Batman And Superman: Battle Of The Super Sons NYCC 2022 Screening

by Brad Filicky
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Review: Batman And Superman: Battle Of The Super Sons
[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]
Director: Matt Peters
Writer: Jeremy Adams
Starring: Laura Bailey, Troy Baker, Darin De Paul, Jack Dylan Grazer, Jack Griffo, Tom Kenny, Nolan North 
Reviewed by: Brad Filicky


Batman And Superman: Battle Of The Super Sons: When the Justice League is taken out of commission by an alien threat Jon Kent and Damian Wayne must overcome their insecurities to save the world. They may have disagreements, but they will have to overcome them.  Both boys will also have to deal with their own issues as well. Superboy has to deal with bullying and learning that his dad is the Man Of Steel. Robin really wants to be a member of the Teen Titans.

Meanwhile, Lois Lane is doing her best not to succumb to the threats around her. Her goal? Catching the ear of the President. President Lex Luthor.

It’s not going to be an easy fight, but our heroes may just rise to the occasion.


One of my favorite things about Batman And Superman: Battle Of The Super Sons is the relationship between Jon Kent and Damian Wayne. The boys couldn’t be more different. Damian’s a hard-nosed, no-nonsense fighter. Jon Kent is the all-American boy next door. He just wants to play baseball and fit in. Their rapport is what gives the movie most of its humor. The humor works because it comes from a very genuine place made all the more real because it is very relatable. Good voice acting also helps these characters come to life.

When it comes to DC characters we have become very used to gritty stories. It’s refreshing that Batman And Superman: Battle Of The Super Sons is not that. Showing this film to the little ones in your life would be a good way to introduce them to these characters, and adults you will enjoy it too. It’s bright, fast-moving, and action-packed. With superhero mythology, it’s good to be reminded of that sense of wonder we all had when we first discovered these heroes.


If I had to pick out a negative about this film it would be that it is a bit predictable. There’s a reveal early in the movie that automatically set the scene, so even as things begin to happen, I already knew the cause. It would’ve been fun to have that be a bit more of a surprise. In a way, the story feels like something we’ve seen before. This is a formula as familiar as Coke Classic, but we all love that taste.


Predictable as it may be Batman And Superman: Battle Of The Super Sons, is a fun, family-friendly romp. The relationship between Jon and Damian drives the emotional core of the film. Great voice acting helps as well. If you’re looking to get kids into these characters a perfect way to do it is to show them this film. DC stories don’t always have to be dark and gritty.

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