Riddler: Year One By Paul Dano & More Planned For Batman in 2023

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Riddler actor Paul Dano (The Batman) as co-writer for Riddler: Year One revealed more about his comic series at this year’s NYCC, as one of the ongoing plans for Batman in 2023.

DC made some explosive announcements pertaining to The Dark Knight at New York Comic Con 2022. The world of Batman will be expanding in 2023 with two new series, as well as new talent on Detective Comics, and the Riddler miniseries written by Paul Dano, which starts in November 2022.

As announced back in March, as part of DC’s popular Black Label series, Riddler: Year One will delve back into the world of Matt Reeves’ The Batman film, focusing on the backstory of Edward Nashton, aka The Riddler. Fleshing out the creative team besides Dano will be co-writer Ben Abernathy – who also was the master of ceremonies for the DC panel – with art by Stevan Subic, handpicked by Dano himself. With this series, Subic makes his U.S. comics debut. The six-issue arc will follow Edward Nashton’s life and reveal what led this Forensic Accountant to become the dangerous arch-criminal hellbent on avenging his terrible childhood.

Riddler: Year One and What Else?

Tim Drake’s new title, Tim Drake: Robin, will also continue next year. After his last series concluded in 1998. Written by Meghan Fitzmartin (Batman: Urban LegendsDC PRIDE) and penciled by artist Riley Rossmo, Tim has moved out of Wayne Manor and into the Gotham Marina. The book will also continue explore Tim’s relationship with Bernard, as Tim recently came out as bisexual after a lengthy relationship with Stephanie Brown aka Spoiler. As the third Boy Wonder, Tim was the first Robin to receive his own series, spinning out of the events of “Knightfall” in 1993.

The panel then focused on the new Batman Incorporated series, its new creative team consisting of Ed Brisson (Deathstroke, Inc.Batman & Robin Eternal) and John Timms (Superman: Son of Kal-El, Superman). The international team of Batmen will continue to expand its roster with recent characters Ghost-Maker and Clownhunter. During the panel, Brisson expressed how much Grant Morrison’s initial run on the team will continue to be an influence on the stories going forward.

Batman Incorporated emerged in pre-Flashpoint DC after Bruce Wayne had revealed to the world he was the financial backer behind The Dark Knight’s technology, then unveiled a formal plan to expand Batman’s war on crime internationally. The book then focused on Batman recruiting different variants on his Dark Knight persona across the globe. In recent months, post-Joker War, Bruce can no longer fund the team as he is no longer a billionaire, so he has asked Ghost-Maker to take control.

As to the book that started it all for Bat-fans, current Detective Comics team Ram V and Rafael Albuquerque revealed their plan to take the Caped Crusader to bizarre places, as well as reveal more of the history of Gotham. They also intend to involve Two-Face, but not as the main villain of their plot. As a bonus, fans got to go home with a free copy of July’s Detective Comics #1062.

The final announcement of the panel revealed that Batman artist Jorge Jimenez will be stepping away from the book in January. To that end, issues #131 to #134 will be illustrated by artist Mike Hawthorne, going forward.

There are some exciting plans for Batman in 2023!

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