Indie Comics Review: Alice Ever After #4

by Kendra Hale
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Review: Alice Ever After #4

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Writer: Dan Panosian

Artist: Giorgio Spalletta with assistance from Cyril Glerum

Colorist: Fabiana Mascolo

Letterer: Jeff Eckleberry

Review by: Kendra Hale


Alice Ever After #4 leads us to the finale and brings with it most ominous tidings. When last we left poor Alice the walls were closing in on her, almost quite literally. She has few friends in the asylum and those in charge are only out for the gain, especially having the tasty tidbit that is what Alice’s Father does in order to get the teeth he uses for his practice.  Mistress Hulda is out for the money, Edith just wants her sister home, and Alice is about to realize that she may be in far more trouble than she bargained for.

Let’s dive into Alice Ever After #4!

A De-Feistification Procedure

We join Mistress Hulda and Dr. Madsen for a game of Croquet, a game that is obviously rigged to be in Hulda favor.  While Kitty and Snowdrop narrate, Theodore and Thomas interrupt with a birthday request from Matthew. With all the trouble Matthew has been causing, Dr. Madsen is only too happy to have him added to his list of patients to work on.

Meanwhile, Edith is pleading Alice’s case with their father, but it seems to be falling on closed ears. When there seems to be a bit of hope that Dr. Lutwidge is listening to her, Mistress Hulda shows up and the world shifts. Alice is doing her best to cope with the real world around her but having no meds to help ease the ache as well as all the horrors around her, she is faltering. Even when she gathers her strength and musters her courage…she finds herself face to face with just how bad things truly are.


The cover art for Alice Ever After #4 is chilling, and it should be given what this issue presents readers with. The storytelling has us on edge, what should be predictable isn’t always the case and I find that thrilling. The artwork speaks for itself as it is on another level. The variant cover by Stephanie Hans is a ethereal dream to say the very least. This series doesn’t know how to disappoint and why should it?


There’s only one more issue and then it’s over. The depression is real.


Alice Ever After #4 sets us up for a fast-paced finale and closure to the series. I look forward to seeing how this all ends for poor Alice, what will her fate be? Dan Panosian, Giorgio Spalletta, Jeff Eckleberry, and Fabiana Mascolo have given us a truly grim story that is both wonderful and terrifying. Brava.


Images Courtesy of Boom! Studios. 

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