Doom Patrol Season 4 Trailer Drops!

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Doom Patrol Season Four is headed our way, and the weirdness continues in the new HBOMax trailer.

The breakout hit starring Brendan Fraser (The Whale, Professionals), and company, returns to the cable network with new revelations, new threats, and new whacky enemies: The Were-Butts.

Yes, there was no typo in that statement. The Were-Butts.

The trailer shows that, once again, the team must answer existential questions about their own existence and what they must do in order to prevent their own annihilation.

Just when they were about to go their separate ways, Madam Rouge (Michelle Gomez) and occult sleuth Willoughby Kipling (Mark Sheppard) unveil new revelations about their very existence. To that end, the trailer shows them going back to their pre-empowered forms (some even further) to save their future. However, with everything that each team member’s gone through since The Chief messed with their lives, who’s to say what will happen when one or more of them attempt to change the course of history? Plus…. where do The Were-Butts fit in?

Fraser, who portrays Robotman, has had an uphill swing in his career as of late with his Oscar-worthy role in The Whale, as well as his regular stint on The CW’s The Professionals. Although he’s a busy man, he apparently has no plans to move on from the long-suffering Cliff Steele.

Like fellow DC series Titans, the season will be in two parts, debuting December 8th with the first two episodes.

Click the trailer below.

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