Review: Superman & Lois 3×13 – “What Kills You Only Makes You Stronger” (Season Finale)

by Steven Brown
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Review: Superman & Lois 3×13 – “What Kills You Only Makes You Stronger” (Season Finale)

[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Director: Gregory Smith

Writers: Brent Fletcher & Todd Helbing

Starring: Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch, Michael Culditz, Sofia Hasmik, Chad L. Coleman, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Wolé Parks, Erik Valdez, Alex Garfin, Michael Bishop


Reviewed by: Steven Brown


Superman & Lois 3×13: All of Smallville comes together to view a meteor shower; Lex Luthor makes his move with a weapon that can rival Superman in raw power – and perhaps even kill him.


Thanks to the machinations of Bruno Mannheim, Lex Luthor finally has a weapon that may be capable of actually killing Superman. Finding the formally imprisoned Bizarro underground, Lex captures him and decides to experiment on and torture him. Being killed again and again, Bizarro resurrects more powerful than before. With each resurrection, Bizarro’s body becomes more and more twisted and disfigured, until Lex finally unleashes the creature upon the Man of Steel.


I have no complaints about this episode. The action scenes were top notch, and the emotional impact was done really well. A particular scene between Lois and Superman during the battle with Doomsday stays in my mind, as Superman gives Lois a look, as if he knows he’s not going to return from battle this time.

If I had to complain about something, I hate that the next season is going to cut so much of the cast from the show. This episode saw some exciting new horizons for characters such as Chrissy and Kyle, and even Lana and John seemed to have found a potential relationship with each other. However, with the cuts being announced before the start of next season, I’m not sure what happens to these existing characters and their relationships with each other.


Superman & Lois 3×13 was a great episode and an amazing conclusion to season three. It appears that the possible final season of the show will air in 2024 and I hope that the writers give it a proper send off for the fans it’s amassed over the years. There are so many vital parts to this show, between the villains, the action, and the entire family aspect of Clark’s life, and I hope they keep that same energy going into the final season.


Score: 5/5

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