Review: Green Lantern #6
[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Jeremy Adams and Peter J. Tomasi
Art: Xermanico, Scott Godlewski and David Lafuente
Colors: Romulo Fajardo, Jr. and Tamra Bonvillain
Letters: Dave Sharpe and Rob Leigh

Reviewed by: Matthew B. Lloyd




It’s mano y mano as Hal and Sinestro continue their confrontation with apparently the Earth at stake…as Sinestro wields RAGE instead of FEAR!


Since issue #1 of this series, Jeremy Adams and Xermanico have done the basics with the classic Silver Age Green Lantern extremely well, and as one might expect, issue #3 is no different.  Sinestro is undoubtedly Hal’s greatest nemesis.  Like the Joker for Batman, no one else quite does it like Sinestro when it comes to challenging Hal Jordan.  There’s a complexity to their relationship as it’s been developed over the years since Sinestro first appeared in Green Lantern #7 (no not next issue…Green Lantern #7 from 1961!).  And, that’s probably what makes Sinestro so significant for Hal.  Sinestro was Hal’s instructor in the Green Lantern Corps, and he’s been portrayed often in the past 20 years as much as an anti-hero as he has been portrayed as a villain.  Adams uses that in Green Lantern #6 to great effect as we see Hal trying to reason with Sinestro, appealing to a side of him he knows is there, even if it is often buried.

Adams also expands the use of the Emotional Spectrum as Sinestro wields a Red Lantern ring instead of his usual Yellow ring.  Hal saves the day, but he can’t stop Sinestro from escaping back to Korugar.  Adams seems to know how to use a character’s history and supporting cast to tell good stories that fit the main character well.  If only more comics were like this, DC would be getting more of my money.

Positives Cont’d

While the action in Green Lantern #3 is executed very well by Xermanico and Godlewski, there’s a static image of Carol on page 1 that is particularly striking.  Carol’s fear, concern and multitude of other thoughts are captured perfectly as she attempts to let Hal know what is going on.  There aren’t a ton of lines used, but it’s just the right ones that communicate these emotions around the eyes and shape of the mouth.

The “Wayward Son” back up story continues to build as Korg gets enough parts to try and launch his spaceship.  With the announcement of the upcoming Sinister Sons title, readers should pay close attention to what happens in this story.  You can tell Tomasi is building up to something as both Korg in this story and Sinestro in the main tale are headed for Korugar.


With this first arc over, it’s still a little hard to tell how much the pacing was impacted by “Knight Terrors.”  It’s probably a good idea to go back and read all six issues in one sitting.


Green Lantern #6 is just a really, really good comic.  It’s as simple as that.  The creative team exemplifies the “back to basics” approach.  It’s working extremely well for Hal and Co. and there’s no reason to think it will end.  Character comes first as it should!

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