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All your news for Red Lanterns, formed by Atrocitus, the Red Lanterns’ power derives from rage.

Previews: Red Lanterns #26

Preview pages for: Red Lanterns #26                

Review: Red Lanterns #24

A review over Red Lantern #24

PREVIEWS: Red Lanterns #24 – Lights Out

As the Green Lantern Corps deals with Relic in the title-spanning crossover "Lights Out" the series reaches it's...

Lights Out Preview: Red Lanterns #24

DC Comics has released new images of Red Lanterns #24. The "Lights Out" cross-over event continues in this...

PREVIEW: Red Lanterns #23

Charles Soule continues his first arc on the book in this preview to issue 23! Writer: Charles Soule...

Red Lanterns #22 Preview: Vomiting

It's normal for a Red Lantern to vomit, right? Yups, Red Lantern #22 preview. Click the jump to see more....

PREVIEWS: October 2013 Cover Solicitations

With the Trinity War starting this week and Villains Month coming up in September, many DC fans are...

Red Lanterns 21 Review: A Little Bit of Soule

Red Lanterns 21 Review: a new creative team, a new red lantern?

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Charles Soule talks Swamp Thing and Red Lanterns

Author, musician and attorney, Charles Soule recently took over writing duties for Swamp Thing and Red Lanterns. Soule...