Collider #1 Preview: Quantum Tornadoes

Simon Oliver, writer of The Exterminators, gives you an explanation about quantum tornadoes. Click the jump to see Collider #1 preview.

So when a traffic jam is caused by a quantum tornado, you call Federal Bureau of Physics in Simon Oliver’s new comic book title, Collider. When you think about it physics is everywhere, and well…when that goes out of wack you have kids floating in the air and wormholes popping up in your kitchen. Yeah, that’s really strange but interesting. Oliver wants to create a universe where this is an everyday thing in Collider. For the most part, if you’re a science geek/nerd than this book will interest you. But, Oliver will really have to write some crazy events where physics is failing and the impossible become possible.

It’s an ambitious idea/concept and Oliver will surely gain some traction if the first issue is as good as its name, Collider.

See the preview down below.

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Source- USA Today 

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