The Joker Gets a New Recruit!

On the ‘What’s New in the New 52‘ column, Bob Harras revealed that a ‘classic and unexpected’ villain would be in one of the Batman Villains Month one shot. The mystery villain is revealed to be Jackanapes who last appeared in Batman Incorporated #5.

“BATMAN #23.1: JOKER takes place many years ago – back when The Joker’s face was still intact. In fact, this unique one-shot marks one of the earliest appearances we’ve seen of this notorious villain so far in the New 52. While at a zoo, the Joker will have a flashback to a childhood memory that will trigger his need to take Jackanapes under his wing. It is here that Joker will take on a new, twisted role: that of a mentor. But why is he training Jackanapes to be a villain? What use will he have for him? ” 

The Joker has a long history of sidekicks he worked with including: Gaggy, Duela Dent, Harley Quinn and now Jackanapes. Are you excited about Joker adding another member to his ‘Joker-family’ Sound off in the comments below and like us on Facebook and follow our Twitter @DCComicsNews!

Art by Andy Clarke
Art by Andy Clarke

Source: DC Comics