Warner Brothers CEO Talks About The Future Of DC Properties

Warner Brothers CEO Kevin Tsujihara went on the record with some very interesting tidbits about WB’s DC proprieties including the upcoming Batman/Superman movie. First we have his quote about internet and fan reaction to Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman.

“Ben is perfect for the vision Zack has for that character. The fact that you saw such a passionate response in the blogosphere is really kind of a testament to the love that people have for this character,”

On the subject of what type of Batman he will be playing he had this to say.

“tired, and kind of weary and seasoned”

He also hinted at the fact that we will  have some announcements coming out about more DC properties including video games, television, film and consumer products.

“DC really does touch a lot of parts of our business and is an important part of the strategy in how we’re going to grow going forward”

It seems that Warner Brothers has a long term plan and we will keep you posted as news comes out!

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Source – The Hollywood Reporter