PREVIEWS: Green Lantern #23.4 Sinestro

We have seen Sinestro in New 52’s Green Lantern, however now we will get some more of his origin.  The preview gives a new design for the Weaponers of Qward and continues the rookie Green Lantern white oval that Geoff Johns used.  Another interesting part of this issue will be there be any use/connection to Parallax/Hal Jordan during Emerald Twlight shown with Sinestro‘s origins.  Green Lantern fans have wondered what changes in Hal‘s past especially with Kyle‘s origin now changed, could this issue give us some answers?  Also this issue should lead into the Green Lantern Event Lights Out as well as possibly give us any hints about a Sinestro Corps rumored title and what is up next for Sinestro?  Also it will be interesting when scenes in other New 52 titles about alternate Earth Sinestros, could any of them be shown in this issue?

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Source: DC Comics