PREVIEWS: Batman #23.4 BANE

The last week of Villains Month almost has a 90s theme.  One of those 90s connections is Bane.  One of his creators Graham Nolan returns for this story.  This issue is going to be interesting in at least 4 different ways.  First and maybe foremost for some fans is the history of Knightfall and Bane’s New 52 past now with Batman.  We haven’t seen too much about what has changed in Knightfall, yet even though Batman‘s history was to be intact, however we do know that Bane still breaks Batman at some point.  It will be interesting to see if this issue addresses that or stays more with the Vengeance of Bane issue for his origin.  Second is the whole “final battle” from the New 52 Batman The Dark Knight.  Is that really the last time we will see Batman vs Bane or will this issue give any hints to future battles?  Third is the Talon lead into this story.  The last issue of Talon showed Outsider aka Alfred from Earth 3 approach Bane, so what connections to Forever Evil and the Talon story last month will be used.  Finally is the obvious one is the lead into the Forever Evil mini-series Arkham War which had some more leads into with Scarecrow‘s Villains Month issue.  Bane is to be a big part of that mini, so this issue should shape that story well.

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Source: CBR