Kyle Higgins joins Batman Eternal writing team

According to Newsarama, Kyle Higgins is the newest writer the rotating cast of writers and artist on Batman: Eternal. Now one of five writers on the new Bat family title, Newsarama is reporting that the leak came via a Tweet from Batman editor Mike Marts

“he was at a creative dinner with James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley, and editor Katie Kubert, and ‘missing Ray Fawkes, Scott Snyder, and Kyle Higgins.”

Newsarama then reached out to DC Comics for confirmation not long after, and was rewarded with a nice nod from DC acknowledging the fantastic addition to the much anticipated title. This is not long after Higgins announced Nightwing #29 to be his final issue, with Nightwing #30 to be the closing title for this volume of Nightwing.

Source: Newsarama