New Cast Details Emerge for NBC’s Constantine Show

While we still have yet to cast the main character that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate on the other characters. New reports have emerged that along with John Constantine three other characters are up to be cast; Chas, Liv and Manny.


If you’ve read even a little bit of the HellBlazer comics you  know how important Chas is. Constantine’s taxi driver/best friend/ muscle, it was expected Chas would play a role in the TV show, whether or not the characters be younger than usual, or the wise cracking adult Brits we all know. You may remember when Shia LaBeouf played Chas in the 2005 Constantine film.

The other two characters Liv and Manny are more wildcards than anything though, not predominantly from the comics it’s hard to take a stab as to who they might be and what role they are going to have on the show.

The closer the pilot shoot date gets the more details we’ll know and keep you up to posted. We’ll know in May whether or not NBC will have the show air in 2014-2015.

Source: Ksite