DC Comics News Weekly: Episode 14

DC COMICS NEWS: Arrow 2×13 review, Will THE ROCK play the Green Lantern?

  • Timothy Van Bruggen

    Okay, first off . . . Can I come over and watch ARROW with you every time there’s a new episode?!?!?!? Watching you was (almost) as entertaining as the episode itself! 🙂

    Also – while the GREEN LANTERN film had it’s problems, most of it were with the script and/or editting. I though Ryan Reynolds was a great Hal Jordan; he and Mark Strong’s Sinestro are why I’ll still watch it from time to time. So, okay, GREEN LANTERN had it’s problems, but let’s keep Ryan Reynolds as Hal.

    As far as The Rock for John Stewart . . . I’m with you. Character wise, he could certainly pull it off. But if so, maybe add him in a post-credits scene hyping JUSTICE LEAGUE, not in the main film so he doesn’t pull too much focus from Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck.