First Look at New Native American Member of the Justice League United


Last year writer Jeff Lemire announced he was creating a new character for the newly announced Justice League United. Now we know what she will look like.

new memeber


The character was not present in the first Justice League United #1 cover by Gene Ha. The characters description is that she’s a teenage Cree girl, most likely based off late Native American activist Shannen Koostachin.

Here she is with the whole team:

jlu swuad


DC Comics has had other female Native American superheroes including Dawnstar, a member of the Legionnaires. As well as Sarah Rainmaker, seen recently in Gail Simone’s The Movement.

feature jlu

Whatever this character’s name is, she’ll be joining a very anticipated series that headlines Martian Manhunter, Animal Man, and many more. The series will replace Justice League of America when it finishes up in April. JLU #1 comes out May 14th.

Source: Bleedingcool

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  • She’s Cree? Hope she gets along with the other aliens. (Bad joke. Shoot me.)

  • GeneHa

    As of this time, my cover image hasn’t been released in stores or online yet. You might be thinking of the two variant covers by Mike McKone, one of which replaces Supergirl’s position in the cover with Native American girl. The one with Supergirl is the other Mike McKone cover.