Rocksteady Planning Superman/Justice League Easter Eggs in “Arkham Knight”?


There is a new buzz floating around the gaming community where it’s said that Rocksteady is weighing the possibility of putting some exciting Easter Eggs in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight game.  The “Arkham” games have always been fantastic in putting little details here and there that bring a new element to the games. From Harley Quinn’s pregnancy to Scarecrow’s hidden radio messages, the easter eggs have always been bountiful and meaningful.


Rocksteady seems to be planning ahead and trying to decide what to do after the Batman “Arkham” universe finishes with “Arkham Knight”. They’ve been mulling making another superhero game and now it seems that they might put in Superman and Justice League easter eggs in their upcoming game. This would give them the opportunity to branch out and perhaps give us the Superman video game gamers have all been pleading for.

Justice League image DC comics

The rumors go that if Superman were to appear in the game it would be in a very limited role, he would travel to Gotham and ask Batman if he can assist him. As expected though, Batman would most likely deny Superman’s offer and that would be the first and last time we see the Man of Steel.

batman and superman

For the Justice League easter eggs, the rumors say that the players could pass by radio stations or televisions where various Leaguers would be mentioned. It would certainly warrant the gamer to play a little more attention to the little details to see if any other hints are dropped. To have Superman and the Justice League exist in the “Arkham” universe would definitely be a game changer that could open the door for years of fantastic DC video games.

What do you all think? Do you think Rocksteady should take a break from the superhero games or is a new Superman or Justice League franchise just what the doctor ordered?

Source: Kdramastars