Is Damian Wayne going to be in Arkham Knight?

At the end of last month Best Buy posted on their Twitter that Batman Arkham Knight will have a few added features, maybe a few too many. Best Buy's Post

The post featured a picture of the cover art of the game and also a message to pre-order but the text attached was more interesting. The text hinted to be able to play masked as Bruce Wayne’s son, driving the Batmobile and Fighting villains. But many of these features we already know like driving the Batmobile and fighting villains but doing this as Bruce Wayne’s son. Going back through many issues the only son of Mr Wayne I could find was Damian. So going from that evidence the only son that could be masked as Bruce Wayne is Damian Wayne, the child of Batman and Talia al Ghul. This could also be RockSteady carrying on from Talia al Ghul and that “one n ight in Metropolis” from Arkham City. 

RockSteady's Post

This post could be riddled with spoilers but it could be just like the post RockSteady put on their Twitter on April Fools Day where they said that the Arkham Knight was Jason Todd. This joke was debunked by the announcement that the Arkham Knight will be a new and original character to the Arkham universe. Maybe Best Buy slipped up and gave the fan base a real spoiler or maybe they are also trying to take stabs at their own look at the plot of the new game. The tweet in question has not been deleted or any retractions made, but all we can do now is wait until October until we see if the rumours are true. Source: