Jenna Busch To Guest Star On DCN Podcast

It’s official, folks!  Queen of Geek, Jenna Busch, is going to be a guest on DC Comics News Podcast #9 with Shane Harrington and Matt Moynahan on Wednesday, May 28th!

Jenna Busch

Jenna Busch is the co-host of Cocktails With Stan with the legendary Stan Lee. She’s a host and writer of all things geek for Zap2it, After Buzz TV, Fanhattan, Screen Crave, Inside Horror, Huffington Post, AOL, Popeater, Newsarama, JoBlo, Blastr, UGO, IGN, Moviefone, SheKnows, Coming Soon, Screen Junkies, Famous Monsters and Geek Week and Inside Horror. Member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) and a board member of the Broadcast Television Critics Association (BTJA). She was a guest on the premiere episode of Tabletop with Wil Wheaton, Grant Imahara and Sean Plott, a guest on Geek DIY with Bonnie Burton and a winning contestant on Jace Hall’s Fan Wars. She has two stories in the comic anthology, “Womanthology.” She’s been a guest host on G4’s Fresh Ink and a guest on PODCrash, My Geek Lady, ComiCenter, JoBlo Movie Podcast and more.

Jenna with Stan Lee and Felicia Day on 'Cocktails with Stan'
Jenna with Stan Lee and Felicia Day on ‘Cocktails with Stan’


A New York transplant living in Los Angeles, Jenna has been on many sides of the entertainment industry. Makeup artist, (don’t stand too close, or she’ll glue something to you) actor, (stopped because she felt that replacing body parts with silicone was the first step towards becoming a cylon) and finally writing, which allows her to work in her pajamas.

We, at DC Comics News, are very excited to have her on our podcast.  If you are interested in leaving a comment for Jenna or have a burning question you’d like to ask, please send them to

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