Gail Simone Hints at “Secret Six” Return?


When it was announced Gail Simone was leaving the Batgirl creative team rumors stirred that her and Geoff Johns were already working towards her next project. It is potentially a relaunch of the Secret Six series that ran for 36 issues and was cancelled at the start of the New 52 era.

secret six

The New 52 launched with Suicide Squad, a similar series that many saw as a replacement for Simone’s Secret Six, it even used many of the same characters Simone used, such as Amanda Waller, Deadshot and Killer Shark. Suicide Squad failed to maintain a following and was cancelled, only to be relaunched again with a new creative team that released their first issue just last week.

Recently Simone sent out this tweet on her Twitter account, you be the judge:

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 1.25.31 AM


Simone’s Secret Six was very well received thanks to its diversity for having lesbian, bisexual and asexual characters. Some of the members that were on that team haven’t even appeared in the New 52 continuity yet. Those characters are Catman, Scandal Savage and Jeanette. For fans of the characters and Gail Simone herself, this news has to be a dream come true. For now we will wait for DC Comics to confirm or deny the rumors, stay tuned.

Source: Twitter