Have ‘Arrow’ And ‘Gotham’ Already Crossed Over?


If you believed you saw a logo similar to that of Arrow‘s  Queen Consolidated in Gotham’s second episode entitled, “Selena Kyle,” you weren’t wrong, but showrunners Danny Cannon and Bruno Heller say it was only a coincidence.

Heller had previously expressed interest in crossing over with other DC shows, so when viewers spotted the green “Q” in a shot of the Gotham City skyline, similar to the one seen in Arrow, viewers came to the conclusion that a crossover between the two shows was imminent. Cannon has confirmed that the resemblance between the logo seen in the aforementioned shot and the Queen Consolidated logo was purely coincidental.

“I gotta tell you, it was completely unintentional. Somebody spotted it in the cutting room, but we moved so fast, we were like, ‘that’s cool, leave it in! don’t talk about it!’ We were stealing – the visual effects guys were stealing neon letters from other places, and that was one that worked. But it was unintentional,” Cannon said.

The logo wasn’t the only thing that had viewers speculating. The episode also featured DC villain Dollmaker, who also appeared on Arrow last season, whose past was left a mystery. Viewers speculated that perhaps Dollmaker roamed the streets of Gotham before making his way to Starling City, before his arrest at the hands of Detective Quentin Lance.


“Well I think that is very clearly an example of not a crossover because that was a completely different take on the Dollmaker character from the comics than we had last year. So that was a completely separate occurrence,” said Arrow’s Mac Guggenheim.

Does this purely coincidental occurrence completely rule out any future crossovers between the two shows? Viewers will just have to wait and see.


Source: Comic Book