DCN Weekly: Arrow and Flash Fall Finales


I’m Caity Foxx and I will be bringing you all the latest DC news once a week! This is my first video so please be kind and let me know how I did! In this installment we talk about The Flash, Arrow and other DC headlines from throughout this week and even last week.

Caity Foxx

Caity Foxx

Hello, I'm Caity Foxx and I have loved DC Comics and the comic book characters since I was a little girl. I have a great fondness of Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Helena Wayne but Batman is pretty great too! I have cosplayed as Harley Quinn twice and plan to cosplay as either a Fem Green Arrow or Black Canary at the Calgary Comic Expo in April 2015. I will be doing a weekly vlog on all kinds of DC News on here! In my spare time, I am pursuing a BA in Psychology and am currently in my third year and I work one to two jobs.
  • Jeff-Van

    There is a lot happening in the DC Universe, especially now & you’re the perfect person to keep us informed, while being so personable, we feel comfortable – like we’re talking with a long-time friend.

    • CaityFoxx

      Aww. Thank you! I really appreciate your support.

  • mbradleyc

    This is good. There’s never enough information. Never was.

    I’d like to know more about Supergirl. Also, if NBC cancels Constantine, will CW be able to pick it up? I want all of the shows to last a while so the whole DC Universe can get a moment on the screen. Constantine is the vessel for all the dark arts characters. I want to see them all come to life. I want to see Swamp Thing and Abbie, the Spectre, Dr. Fate, Zatanna, etc. Sandman.

    Can you give us dates when the new half seasons start?

    Krypton sounds good. Titans I’m a little dubious about, but I’ll certainly give it a chance. There are so many of these shows and films and characters coming out of the woodwork all at once now. It’s a dream come true.

    But what of Hawkman?

    • CaityFoxx

      Ah yes, I will include Supergirl in the next video. My mistake! And I’ll also give those dates in the next video as well. Thanks for the feedback! It was my first go at it, unscripted and with no direction on what headlines to cover. In time, it will get better.. I just need to find my groove.

      What of Hawkman, indeed?

      • mbradleyc

        So I think there should be a new show based on the Atom that will tie the current superhero lineup among the various shows to the science fiction based characters including Hawkman (of course), Adam Strange and maybe the Green Lantern Corps or the New Gods. Krypton could easily introduce some of them.

        I’m just geeking out. I never thought I would get to see all these characters come to life this way between the films and especially these TV shows. I’m really glad I can catch them online as I dropped cable TV.

        Even if there are a few misses among these shows, there is so much richness in the DC pantheon they can go on for years and still have more to do.

        This 21st century gig isn’t so bad. I’m glad this isn’t a facebook forum. I don’t do facebook anymore.