Review: Robin Rises Alpha #1

Things go…supercharged in Robin Rises: Alpha #1 by Peter J. Tomasi, art by Andy Kubert, Johnathan Clapion , Brad Anderson on colors and Dezi Sientty on lettering.

Robin Rises - Alpha (2014) 001-013

Continuing where Batman & Robin #38 left off, Damian Wayne is resurrected, 100% alive, but someone’s about to crash the family reunion; Kalibak storms the Batcave through the portal and a great bulk on the issues is dedicated to the Bat-fam trying to subdue him while Damian realizes he has powers and promptly contributes in dispatching of Kalibak back through the portal with a combination giant penny and Batwing (not the hero, the..uh glider). Meanwhile in the Himilayas, it looks like Talia too is alive and well…the problem is she doesn’t remember who she is!


Since this is written by Tomasi it’s a clear continuation from the B&R title so everything is more or less consistent writing wise; there are a few things that would have been a no go in the old continuity, mainly them saying they’re only “one” Robin though I enjoyed everyone giving the icons back to Damian. The poor batcave can never ever get a break, this is the 50th time it’s been destroyed more or less. Nothing is sacred as an old Batmobile also gets pummeled. Robin Rises indeed!


This really doesn’t feel like a “special” one shot, it’s about 10 pages longer than usual but it doesn’t feel it. The rehash of the ressurection didn’t need to happen really you could have easily cut it and included something else in it’s place.

Robin Rises - Alpha (2014) 001-020

I really don’t like Kubert’s art very much. Some panels are very very effective but in general his art is not very attractive to me and I think his clout is overrated. His Tim Drake in particular is all over the place in terms of height and buffness and if it’s one thing I’m really a stickler about is that Tim Drake is short and lean and artists should never ever forget this fact.  (It’s super important!). Andy Kubert draws Damian as looking almost too young, but then again ten year olds are pretty tiny.

Tomasi also rehashed Damian being resurrected again at the start of this and redone in Kubert’s art is lesser than to the art team of Gleason and company over on B&R.

I’m not sure I like Talia being a murderous amnesiac either. We’ll see what happens next!


Nothing too special, better art would have given this a much more solid score, but it’s more or less a great continuation of an already awesome return. Let’s hope Damian’s powers aren’t ultimately a curse in disguise!