Jack Kirby’s Kamandi joins the IDW Artist’s Edition Library!

Jack Kirby’s Kamandi is getting the IDW Artist’s Edition treatment!

IDW has already released Jack Kirby’s New Gods and the forthcoming Mister Miracle. Now, set to be released in May 2015 is Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth!  Using high resolution scans of the original penciled and inked pages to reproduce what it’s like to read the original art.

Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth:
DC editor Carmine Infantino had tried to acquire the license to publish Planet of the Apes comic books but when this failed to happen he asked Jack Kirby for a series with a similar concept. Although Kirby had not seen the films he knew the rough outline of the story. He had also created a very similar story, “The Last Enemy!” that was published in Harvey Comics’ Alarming Tales that predated the original Planet of the Apes novel. He also had an unused comic strip he had created in 1956, titled Kamandi of the Caves. Kirby brought all those elements together to create Kamandi.

The Kamandi series was launched in October–November 1972. It was written and drawn by Jack Kirby through its 37th issue released in January 1976. Kirby also drew issues #38 through #40, although they were scripted by Gerry Conway. Kirby subsequently left DC, but the series continued, initially written by Conway and drawn by Chic Stone. Later issues were alternately written by Paul Levitz, Dennis O’Neil, David Anthony Kraft, Elliot S. Maggin, and Jack C. Harris, with art by Pablo Marcos, Keith Giffen, and Dick Ayers.  The book was canceled during the “DC Implosion” of 1978, despite respectable sales figures.

Kamandi's world
Kamandi’s world


IDW in the past has had to recreate pages when the original art is no longer in existence.  But to try to avoid that Scott Dunbier of IDW needs your help in locating the original collage pages from issue #9.  If you have information on the location of the original artwork for pages 2 and 3 from Kamandi #9 please contact Scott Dunbier!

Kirby Kamandi help needed! I have scans of every page and cover from the six issues in the Artist’s Edition except for pages 2 and 3 from #9, the collage. I’ve been told it was on ebay a number of years ago—does anyone have any leads on its whereabouts? It’s in two pieces, one of the collage, the other Kamandi and Ben. Any help would be greatly appreciated and get a thanks in the book and (to the scan provider) a comp. Thanks!

Kirby Collage pages 2 and 3 from issue #9
Kirby Collage pages 2 and 3 from issue #9

Description from IDW:

Of all Jack Kirby’s celebrated DC Comics creations, perhaps none has struck such an enduring chord with readers as his post apocalyptic adventure Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth. Now, to the delight of fans far and wide, this much-anticipated series joins the esteemed ranks Jack “King” Kirby Artist’s Editions!

Long after the age of super heroes, Kamandi triumphed as humanity’s last beacon in a world ruled by beasts. Traveling the remnants of civilization after a great disaster, the last boy on Earth found both friends and foes among the irradiated animal kingdom that now inhabited the world. Written and drawn by Kirby, the series was unique to comics and unlike anything else readers had seen.

“To me personally, Jack Kirby is the greatest creator in the history of comic-book storytelling, period. At the age of ten, Kamandi was my all-time favorite character, and now, at the age of fifty-two he still is. This series was the reason I dedicated my life to comics, hoping and dreaming if I worked hard, I could follow in Kirby’s giant footsteps.”- Kevi Eastman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator.

This Artist’s Edition will be 160 exciting pages and measuring at 12″ by 17″. It’s a book fit for a king made by THE KING!  The Kamandi Artist’s Edition will include issues 1,2,5,6,7 and 9 from the original series in their entirety, along with additional covers and bonus materials. No price has been announced yet, but expect it to be around $125.00.

Jack Kirby's Kamandi
Jack Kirby’s Kamandi


Source: IDW

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