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The Flash returned tonight and the episode did not disappoint. Harrison Wells reveled more about who he really is and his real motivation behind helping Barry. Also, a slight spoiler, Wells admitted to a distant realtion with Eddie Thawn. So many huge plot changes happened tonight that is hard to even pin-point one specific game changer. For those who saw tonight’s episode might have felt it was “season-finale” quality. I would 100% agree. Having said that, all the Smallville fans should know how easy it is to have one day or one week erased. Especially now that we are dealing with the Scarlett Speedster.


With only a handful of episodes left in the season things are starting to heat up. The return of The Rogues, Grodd, Reverse-Flash, and Trickster will mean that Barry will certainly have his hands full in the home stretch. caught up with The Flash star Grant Gustin to talk a little bit about how the rest of the season will play out.

CBR: Everything’s about to hit the fan in Central City, it appears, so give me a sense of how that changes the tone or the scope of the show as the show starts hurtling toward the finish line.

Grant Gustin: Yeah, I mean, I don’t want to say it gets darker because that’s misleading, I think. I keep saying Barry has to get better at lying once he discovers more of the truth about Wells.But there’s more: I mean, Grodd coming back, Snart and Heat Wave are going to be back, with Lisa Snart this time.

CBR: The Trickster’s coming too! Tell me about working with Mark Hamill. Did you fully nerd out?

Gustin: It was amazing! It really was. It really was. Everyone grew up watching “Star Wars.” Everyone. Yes, I grew up watching “Star Wars.”He really busted his ass. No part of him just showed up and phoned it in.Yeah. We each had Luke Skywalker “Star Wars” moments with him. He signed a lightsaber for Jesse Martin.

CBR: Tell me about the Grodd experience and shooting that, working opposite a character that is actually going to be put in there later.

Gustin: I haven’t done it yet, actually — I have not worked with Grodd yet. But I have seen him at work. Eventually, in the next part of the season we’re seeing the multiple stages of his life: as a younger Grodd, an older Grodd. And he’s amazing.

It is obvious that even Grant Gustin is excited about the back-end of The Flash. It is my pleasure to say the The Flash will be back next week with no wait at all. I’m hoping to see a little more Grodd soon and to also see how Barry deals with the “time-change.”


Catch The Flash next Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW

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