Bruce Timm Comments on Harley Quinn’s New Look

Now that the first cast photo has surfaced of the Suicide Squad the internet and the DC fan community have been going crazy. Most notably everyone seems to have an opinion, including me, on how Margot Robbie should look as Harley Quinn. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love the look. In the single photo she definitely encapsulates the beautiful, bad-ass, and insane Harley Quinn I’ve known and loved for years. Of course I would like to see an homage to the original jester jumpsuit at one point in the film. Amongst all of the other opinions one has stood out more significantly than the rest. Harley Quinn co-creator Bruce Timm stopped during his Justice League: Gods and Monsters to express his thoughts on the new look for Ms. Harleen Quinzel.

Talking to Polygon, Timm had this to say in regards to Harley.

“It’s weird. Myself — being somebody who’s taken characters that pre-exist and putting my own spin on them in my own little universe — I’m very aware of how when a character that I necessarily created shows up in other media that they have to adapt it and do different things with it than I would do. So I’m very open to it to see what they’re going to do. I’m actually really excited. I just today, just before the show started, saw the first image of Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad movie, and I thought ‘Woah. She looks actually pretty cute!’ I was actually kind of worried I thought ‘Oh, she’s going to look really, really bizarre and skanky’ but nah, she’s not too bad. So I’m often mistaken.”


Website io9 also caught up with Bruce Timm and had him weigh in on Harley’s look in Suicide Squad. Timm also talks about the beginnings and evolution of Harley Quinn.

I just saw the pic like a couple hours ago. It was interesting. I was frankly a little nervous about what Harley would look like, but I thought she looked really cool. So I’m optimistic, we see. It’s funny, because she started off as just like a one joke idea and she’s gained all these different dimensions from all the stories we did, and the stuff that happens in the comics. I think bottom line the most important thing about her is that she’s funny. That’s one of the things I like about the current comic. They understand that, they’re not treating her as another angsty bizarre superhero type character. She’s really weird and funny and kind of chaotic.

So it seems as though Bruce Timm is behind the new look. He understands that updates and new elements need to be brought in when a character is represented in a new medium. This movie will be a big step forward in the DC Cinematic Universe. Being the first follow-up to Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad will have a big shadow cast over it. I have full confidence that it will prove to be an amazing ride. The cast, the director, and the source material are all there. David Ayer will put the pieces together to make another great movie in the DC line.

Check out this in-depth first look at Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn courtesy of ET.

So what has been your favorite Harley look over the years? The original red and black jester outfit? Or maybe the nurse look of the Arkham game series?

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