DC Reveals Website and Profiles for New Female Centric Universe

With Comic Con so close, DC Entertainment have given fans a deeper look at their new franchise, DC Super Hero Girls. The franchise is aimed at young girls, which aims to “engage and inspire girls, providing cues to explore heroic acts through play and into real life,” according to Mattel executive Richard Dickson.

Yesterday the official website for DC Super Hero girls went live at www.DCSuperHeroGirls.com. The site featured an interactive first experience with the setting and characters involved in the first wave of the launch, featuring heroes such as Wonder Woman and Batgirl. The characters will be attending Super Hero High, making the now teenage heroes just a little older than the lines target audience of 6 to 12 year old girls.

The creation of the DC Super Hero Girls world will involve DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. working with Mattel, Random House Children’s Books and LEGO to produce books, toys and animated projects. According to the announcement, Random House Books for Young Readers will be a publishing partner for the brand, and starting in spring 2016 will release a series of books set in the DC Super Hero Girls universe. Also, a toy line will be created by Mattel featuring action figures and fashion dolls with “strong, athletic bodies that stand on their own in heroic poses,” which will be released in 2016, and LEGO will produce sets based on the DC Super Hero Girls world.

Also available on the site were profiles of all the characters, introducing young girls to their powers and personalities, and showcasing how the characters will be presented throughout the books, toys and animated projects the line is set to feature. Check them out below!