Crossover With Hell Raising Appeal

Looks like you can’t keep a good magi down! This season Arrow rescues Constantine from a fate worse than death: cancellation!

A dark cloud is descending across Star City! Since vanquishing the League of Assassins at the conclusion of Season 3 of Arrow Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) finds that not everything is as final as it would appear. Sinking his claws deep into the heart of the city is a terrifying new threat Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) who packs more than just a punch — this guy can do magic! Which might be out of the realm of what “Team Arrow” is used to, though under the circumstances it might be a good thing that Oliver is familiar with the stuff!

Desperate to reunite her family Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) has done the unthinkable and resurrected her sister Sara, the Canary. But what she’s brought back isn’t entirely what anyone expected…and she’s loose! In order to hopefully salvage what’s left of his former love, Oliver Queen will enlist the one man in the entire DC TV Universe that can save her soul. Enter Constantine!

Rescued from the obscurity of cancellation, The CW does what NBC couldn’t and raises hell introducing John Constantine into Arrow and reprising the role will be the star of the short-lived NBC series Matt Ryan for a singularly epic event this week on Arrow. It took some magic but Marc Guggenheim, Arrow’s show runner had promised that he would find a way to make it happen. With an arch this season that introduces the magical aspects of the DC Universe into our hero’s world, who else was Oliver going to call?

DC All Access shared this exclusive clip of the monumental teaming up!

JC Alvarez

JC Alvarez

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