Heroes Join Forces Kicks Off With Stellar Episode of ‘The Flash’

Tonight The Flash kicked of Heroes Join Forces with the episode “Legends of Today.” So many things were going on and all the separate stories came together nicely at the end of the episode. Vandal Savage makes his first appearance in an extreme fashion. Making his debut in handcuffs, Savage quickly turned the tables on his captures. Dodging bullets and using his powers Savage spills quite a bit of blood. With the power and skill that Vandal Savage possesses, the fight sequences tonight were the best yet. Savage was not the only character to make his introduction during tonight’s episode of The Flash. Tonight we all got our first look at Hawkman and Hawkgirl.


Cisco had a hard week this week. First Vandal Savage comes to find Kendra in the middle of her and Cisco’s date. Barry made it just in time to stop a blade from going through Cisco’s heart. Also, Hawkman interrupts a moment between Cisco and Kendra by swooping in and taking her away to explain who she really is and how he fits in to her life.


While Savage is reeking havoc in Central City, Team Arrow has their hands full with Darhk and his followers. Flip to Star City and Ollie, Thea, and Dig are clearing out H.I.V.E. members until the Green Arrow gets to Damien Darhk one-on-one. The encounter doesn’t last long when Darhk starts to administer his “touch of death” on Oliver. For the second time in fifteen minutes, Barry comes at the perfect moment to pull Team Arrow out of the chaos. After agreeing to help protect Kendra The Flash and Team Arrow have another surprise thrown their way. Malcolm Merlyn emerges from the shadows having infiltrated the Arrow Cave. Merlyn explains to everyone that Vandal Savage is not any regular meta, but he is in fact an immortal. Both Barry and Ollie begin to realize how hard this fight is actually going to be.

Before I get to the three different, epic, fight scenes, on the other side of things Earth-2 Dr. Wells and Dr. Snow continue to work on a way to increase Barry’s speed. Well’s has been developing a serum called “Velocity-6” that can enhance the speed force. Originally, Wells had planned for Jay Garrick to use it, but now believes that it will be essential for Barry to take down Zoom. Jay is against the use of the drug but has to use it to save someone close to Team Flash.

Now we can get to the best, and my personal favorite, part of “Legends of Today,” the fight scenes. There were three pivotal fights that happened in this episode. It started with the first showdown between Flash, Green Arrow, Speedy, and Vandal Savage. The fight started pretty well balanced until Thea came in sending three arrows through Savage sending him through a window. Next came Flash and Green Arrow up against Hawkman. Throughout DC history Green Arrow and Hawkman have not been the best of friends so I was especially excited for this one. Hawkman shows off his mace skills while Ollie sends a barrage of arrows into the sky. Barry arrives and we get to see multiple Flash powers. Not only does he use his sonic-punch, Barry also uses his whirlwind arms to suspend Hawkman in the air so Ollie can pierce his wings. Finally during the second meeting of Flash, Green Arrow and Vandal Savage, it is clear that Savage has the upper hand. After finding an ancient relic his power is increased tenfold. Vandal overtakes Barry and Ollie and the two are forced to retreat. The fight ends with Barry uttering a classic Flash line. “So that’s like a tie right… I’ll take it.” During the battle, Kendra, while with Cisco, accepts her destiny and emerges as Hawkgirl.


I say this every week, but tonight’s episode of The Flash was the best so far. It had so much going for it. Seeing Ollie and Barry side by side again was great to watch. The witty banter between the two was spot on. The emotion was not hard to find in this episode. Cisco shined through in this episode along with Kendra. The show wrapped up with arguably the best cliffhanger seen on The Flash or Arrow to date. Ollie see’s someone from his past and someone who will be part of his future. I’m glad there will be more tomorrow because a whole off-season would be far to long for this reveal.

Don’t miss the Heroes Join Forces conclusion on Arrow tomorrow at 8/7c on The CW.

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