Stephen Amell Talks ‘Arrow’ and ‘TMNT 2’

In another installment of Stephen Amell’s Facebook Live, the star talks about his excitement with TMNT 2 and how it felt to be wrapping up Arrow for the holiday break. Amell has gained a lot of credibility in the DCU as Oliver Queen. He sounds like he couldn’t be more excited to now be taking on the roll of another hardened vigilante. Amell mentions a line in the TMNT 2 script that he actually had to ask the production team to take out. He said it wasn’t “You have failed this city” explicitly, but it was close and to “Oliver Queen-y.”

During the broadcast of Facebook Live, Amell fielded questions from fans tuned into the live feed. From random greetings from all over the world to invitations for coffee, he answered a wide array of fun and quirky questions. Here are a few that really stood out.

FB: Are you going to be part of the Justice League?

SA: Am I not already technically in the Justice League? Is that not how it works… I don’t know.

FB: Do you like to do your own stunts?

SA: I do… I do, to my own detriment in fact.

FB: How long do you think Arrow will last?

SA: Who knows? We were always sort of built to be a five year show. But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t go six or maybe even seven.

FB: Where is Arsenal?

SA: Uhhh, he’s around.

FB: Would  you ever consider being in a Marvel movie?

SA: Sure, why not? I’m up for roles, movie roles, although I’ve never really read Marvel Comics and I was always a DC guy even before I was a DC guy. But it’s not like if I got offered an awesome Marvel superhero, I’d be like “No, I can’t.”


You can check out the full Q&A right here.

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