Review: Nightwing The Darkest Knight

DC fans, Brady Roberts is back to reprise his role as Nightwing in this new short film, Nightwing: The Darkest Knight. The title of the film holds true with an interlinked set of characters and story that cleverly carries you through to an all-conquering conclusion you can’t miss.

Nightwing returns home after being gone fulfilling the role of the Green lantern. Initially we see his battle with finding a balance between his own desires, and expectations from his closest friends to protect his city as the vigilante Nightwing. His focus is drawn towards the death of a close friend, sending him on a determined campaign to find who is responsible.

The story finds a way to balance out a wider range of DC characters, while providing entertaining action sequences that have been cleverly designed and implemented. Brady Roberts brings a Nightwing persona that is driven by both emotion and anger to the screen while demonstrating his incredible physical presence in combat scenes.

Hold out until the end of the credits for a hidden scene. We hope you enjoy the film, please comment and let us know what you think of the production.
Directed by: Matthew Campbell ([email protected])

Executive Producers: Matthew Hall, Matthew Campbell, Brady Roberts ([email protected])

Cinematography: Byron Kopman ([email protected])

Written by: Mike Howorun ([email protected]) , Matthew Campbell

Editor: Ashley Lynch ([email protected])

Original Music: Ian Arber ([email protected])

Starring: Dan Payne, Brady Roberts, Stacey Roy, Camden Filtness.



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