Review: Harley Quinn #24

Harley Quinn is continuing to fight for Mason Macabre.  She saved him from being killed in the New York prisons only to have him transferred to Arkham Asylum, and she knows all too well what happens there.  Before she can save him from Gotham’s worst she has to save herself from the Mayor and his goons.

The Positive

Harley 24 3Harley must really care about Mason because here she is less crazy than her usual ADHD self.  She is focused and determined to get what she wants.  Now, that’s not to say that the book has lots it’s trademark sensibilities.  What we love about Harley Quinn is still here front and center, but she is less distracted by whatever bright and shiny object crosses her path.

She confronts the Mayor and means business.  Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t get time to put any plans into action before the Mayor sends some goons after her.  The majority of the issue is focused on her and her neighbors repelling the attackers, and they do so in typical Harley fashion.  There are some really funny gags as each group deals with the mercenaries.

The Negative

There isn’t much to dislike about this book.  The last pages did leave me a bit confused from an overall DC continuity view, but it’s hard to get too wrapped up in things like that with this kind of a book.

The mercenaries never felt like a real threat.  No one in Harley’s crew ever seemed to be in any kind of true danger, so the stakes never felt very high for them.

Harley 24 2 crop

The Verdict

There are a lot of Harley books out now, but this felt like more of the classic Harley that we have all come to know and enjoy.  All in all, this is just a very fun book with some great over the top action and it builds to quite the cliffhanger.