Review: The Flash Season 2 Ep. 12 “Fast Lane”

The Flash battles a metahuman named Tar Pit who is out for revenge against some former criminal friends of his, while Barry struggles with a shocking revelation from Dr. Wells about his connection to Zoom. Once the revelation is made can Barry cope with Dr. Wells’ confession? And what does this mean for Team Flash?


The Positives

“Fast Lane” was once again another great episode by the writers of The Flash. We all know by now that the CGI and fight scenes are flawless and they continue to only get better, however I think this episode really focused on the relationships of everyone on Team Flash. This particular episode saw Iris and Wally come to angry words when she threatens to expose his street racing if he doesn’t stop. I admire that we finally saw Iris step up and shine in a “concerned big sister” role, and she does it well. Joe is attempting to build a relationship with Wally but while he’s doing that–he’s overlooking the street racing he does, which makes Iris angry because it’s not the parent that she grew up with. Not to spoil the episode but Dr. Wells really stepped up in this one. His betrayal of Team Flash, although justified was rough to see. However his redemption made it that much better when it comes around full circle. Dr. Wells is becoming more of a hero in his own right, even if its solely to save his daughter. Ultimately Barry decides to take the fight to Zoom and next episode will be a trip to Earth 2 which is something I’m completely looking forward to seeing.


The Negatives

My only complaint about this particular episode is the villain. Tar Pit from the beginnings of the episode seemed to be a great villain to add to the addition of enemies for the Flash. However Barry really didn’t struggle against this threat like those before. Also I hated that Cisco “just happened” to have something prepared just for Tar Pit in the final minutes of the episode. Not to give too much away but Barry basically ended the fight in a very small amount of time. I hope Tar Pit returns and just isn’t a one shot like Turtle was. A lot of these “villains of the week” characters are pretty good and I hope Tar Pit has a chance to return and give us more action and a better show of his powers.


The Verdict

“Fast Lane” comes off as a decent episode. Not the best in terms of villains but an overall good episode because I believe this one focuses on the development of the supporting characters in Barry’s world. It’s a good exchange that I actually don’t mind seeing. My only concern is I hope the writers of the Flash don’t start to sacrifice mid level villains for the sake of character development. I’d like to see some characters return as real threats as opposed to just a “one and done” episode. But I trust the writers of the Flash–they haven’t disappointed me yet!


Steven Brown

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