Preview of DC Comics’ “Rebirth” Character Designs

Greg Capullo, Jim Lee, Scott Williams and others share their superhero makeovers.

DC Comics is about to put the “super” back in its superheroes with its “Rebirth” initiative later this month. And everything kicks off with the DC Universe: Rebirth one-shot written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Gary Frank, Ivan Reis, Phil Jimenez and Ethan Van Sciver.

With the relaunch comes the obligatory makeover of characters. But they aren’t that bad. And they even give nods to the newly formed DC Extended Universe.

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Kevin Gunn

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  • kan

    My comments on the new “rebirth” makeovers. Batman; so we are going back to the blue cape and cowl? Not a bad thing, but I think I prefer black…ie Dark Knight and all. Aquaman; one of my favs, and love everything here except the pants. What is he carrying a load, wearing man diapers? #nogrannypants Green Lantern: no Hal? Could care less about Jessica Cruz or her look. Robin/Superboy; Love the new Superboy look. Robin looks a little armored-up and overdone. He has kickass ninja type skills, and that costume doesn’t look like it lends itself to such moments…redo. Superman; love all the new changes, except the boots. Without the red boots, he is wearing a onesie. Wonder Woman; love all the new changes. I also see DC is toning down their overly sexist attempts at female attire, here with WW and also with the new Supergirl concept. Keep it up! HQ/Killer Croc; no comment on HQ, but why does Killer Croc look like Swamp Thing?