Review: Batman/TMNT #6

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In this final issue of Batman/TMNT, the dynamic duo set out to battle Ra’s Al Ghul and The Shredder! They make their way to Arkham to find that the rogue’s gallery of Gotham has been transformed into animals of anarchy! Quickly the fight turns south when Mr. Freeze in the form of an armored, gun wielding polar bear, traps Batman. The TMNT turn up at the last minute and work together to save Arkham from becoming Gotham’s newest Zoo!


This issue wraps up the story arc neatly and allows for a few memorable bonding moments. Master Splinter and Batman form a strong bond as martial artists. Raph and The Bat Man bond on a brooding and tough, yet personal level. The event even leaves of with a touching father-son moment between Batman and Damien.


The Good

This final issue has a “feel good” vibe about it and creates what could be lasting bonds between the turtles and the dynamic duo. The art and writing has maintained throughout the series and does not falter in this issue at all.


The Bad

While still the same number of pages, this issue felt too short! The story would have done better with an extra ten pages or one more issue to just flush out the ending. The villains were dealt with very quickly and there is an anticlimactic feeling to this final issue.
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Overall, issue six was a quick and easy read that leaves you feeling good about the characters.


Konrad Secord-Reitz

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